PointPlots Support

General Support

For support and any queries about PointPlots, send an email to


For safety’s sake we strongly recommend that you don’t include confidential information such as credit card numbers. We aim to reply to your email within two working days.

Uninstalling PointPlots

There may be circumstances in which you want to uninstall PointPlots, for example to replace it with an updated version. To do this thoroughly, you need to go through two steps:

  1. Use the uninstall features of your Operating System (OS X for Mac, Windows for PC) to remove the application itself. On a Mac, this is accomplished by moving the PointPlots file in your Applications folder to the Trash; on a PC, use the Windows Control Panel, where there is a specific function for removing programs.
  2. If PointPlots has ever been activated on your computer, the removal of the program itself as above will not remove some working files which the program sets up and uses while it runs: to get rid of these, you need to download and run our “PPUninstallHelper” program. This can be found (for both Mac and PC) by clicking here.

If you wish to re-install and use PointPlots after removing the program as described above, you must use the official installer (a link to the appropriate installer was sent to you when you purchased the product: this link will always offer a download of the latest version), and then you must re-register the program using the user name and license code you were given when you purchased the product originally.

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