The User Guide (click here to display in your browser) is more than enough to get anyone started and to show that, in the hands of a creative teacher, there is no end to how PointPlots can be used to present, exhibit, and investigate mathematical concepts. There is also a Quick Start Video (click here to view it) and a further series of short videos explaining features of the program - see the Free Resources page for more information.


  • a complete two-dimensional discrete points plotter
  • a complete function grapher (will hold up to 14 functions, six by name)
  • for two points: distance, midpoint, slope, line segment, line through
  • for triangles: angular measures and lengths of opposite sides
  • user can demonstrate incenter, circumcenter, median, orthocenter, etc.
  • unit and arbitrary circles, terminal rays, polar coordinates and polar graphs
  • functional values, inverse relations, pre-calculus curve sketching
  • piecewise defined functions, and parametric equations
  • scientific calculator
  • arbitrary and regular Riemann Sums (set up, get values, and show rectangles)
  • user can save favorite functions; many Taylor Polynomials are provided
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