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PointPlots is licensed as an electronic download only.

PointPlots is available for both PC and Mac platforms. A purchaser is entitled to download the product for either platform.

The purchaser must agree to the license terms which can be read here.

The cost of licensing PointPlots varies according to the number of intended users.

The price for a single user is 10 USD; you can pay in any currency.

If you want to run multiple copies of the program for your school or college, click here to email us at to request a price.

To buy a single user copy now, click the appropriate link below to order securely. Please note:

1. Your order will be processed by FastSpring in the USA. You can contact them via their web site with any questions related to the payment over their system.

2.  By ordering PointPlots you are assumed to agree to the license terms. If you don’t agree, don’t buy!

Windows Version (7/10):

Mac OSX Version:

After payment is received, you will receive an email with a link to your download, and a key which you can use to validate the program the first time it is started.

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